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Calculation and brain enhancement class.
pt class
Visual class
Art and Craft



We provie a broad and a balanced curriculum that provides children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals.

Imagination and Invention

We always want your kid to improve and grow everyday. Here we presents our imaginattive and innovation class Here we provide childrens with some crafted card and label the card with number or alphabet ,and tell them to do some math problem like sum,multiplication, substraction etc.And with the alphabet card we tell them to make words, by this way we try to improve you kids ability and innovative skill.

Mathematical and Logical Thinking

It’s often thought that learning happens only during activities where a educators/providers is leading and directing an activity. In reality, children are always learning and it’s important to recognize that all parts of the early childcare program provide learning experiences for all developmental domains.

Language and Literacy

Language development involves the development of the skills used to communicate with others through languages, while literacy development involves the ability to read and write.