Make your best preparation for all the Examination. You should not on any account go to low of adopting unfair means. Absence during the examination will be viewed seriously and will affect the promotion of the child. Children should also remember:
1) A student will not be allowed to sit in class without a proper school uniform and the school diary.
2) Every student must participate in every co-curricular activity organized by AUSTELL ACADEMY.
3) Students must not break or damage school property and should think that the school property is their own.
The office is out of bounds except when you have a business there.
4) Be polite to the school menial staff. Their hard work deserves your sympathy.
5) It would be appreciated if children are sent to school punctually. Parents are requested to send a written message to the teacher-in-charge if a child is to leave the before time.
6) Students are to address teacher with due respect and to behave in a suitable manner in school as well as on the way to and from school. Austell Academy School’s Authorities reserve the right to enhance tuition fee and other charges from time to time according to necessity.
7) To write or draw on the blackboard (except when called upon to do so), to write words offensive to anyone, to spoil walls or maps or anything else are things absolutely to be avoided.
8) Take great care of your textbooks, notebook and other belongings. Beware of stealing your neighbor’s property even if it is the smallest thing. Should you find a lost article return it immediately to the school. Keep the floor clean by allowing no paper to fall on it. Cleanliness and purity of soul are reflected by a clean and neat exterior.
Following these rules helps in maintaining discipline and decorum in school in the best way possible, and helps in a good development of students. This is what makes Austell Academy School, one of the best school in chinsurah.